Pre-orders Start! TinyFox Releases New 1/6 Scale MJD "Murphy" Model!

LaPeonier Global Nov 13, 2023


TinyFox 1/6 Scale MJD New Release "Dream-eating Tapir Murphy" Awakens - Pre-orders Start from TODAY (November 13th) at LaPeonier Global Store!

The character "Dream-eating Tapir Murphy", which has been getting a lot of attention due to its teaser on X (Twitter) and is popular for its overwhelming cuteness, is finally on sale at lapeonier!

With its always sleepy expression and a dreamy, fluffy feel dominated by purple, it's absolutely adorable!

The nightgown with Tapir's ears is irresistibly cute with its frilly and fluffy design! It seems like she's having a bedtime phone call with Shilmenka - a night girl's talk... It's intriguing! ✨

Let's find out what kind of story Murphy has!

Murphy's story

Predator of nightmares, Murphy, is once again wandering off course in the Dream Garden today. Murphy feels quite weary; after all, digesting nightmares is quite draining. The little dream marten slowly embraces a pillow and falls asleep among the clouds. She feels at ease, as the sunshine is warm, the breeze is gentle, and the air is filled with the sweet fragrance left behind after clearing away the nightmares. It's safe for her to sleep here.

Dear Shimenka will notice that she hasn't returned home on time. Carrying candies and bread, she comes to find her, then lies down next to her, entering the dreamland together. After being awakened, Murphy is easily fatigued, while the dream creatures laze around, willingly crowding together to have sweet dreams.

Until—until Murphy wakes up. She calls for the dream-cat to wake up, and together, under the starlight, they share a dinner.

 "Dream-eating Tapir Murphy" Pre-orders Start from TODAY (November 13th) at LaPeonier Global Store!

Product Details

Size: Full Body 27.5cm, Body 22.5cm

Body Material: PVC & ABS

Body Color: White Chocolate 


04S Head (with makeup) x 1

1/6 Scale Angel Body (White Chocolate) x 1

Side Ponytail Long Wig Size S (Fleur Purple) x 1

"Dusk Star" 14mm Eyes x 1 set


"Warm Slumber" Murphy's Nightgown x 1

"Dream Adorned Pearls" Murphy's Necklace x 1

"Hush Now" Murphy's Eye-patch x 1

Murphy's Double-layered Dress x 1

Murphy's Sleeping Pillow x 1

Murphy's Belt x 1


Murphy's Dream Catcher (Random) x 1

Makeup Name: Dream-Eating Tapir

Makeup Designer: @落地成藕盒


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