TinyFox "BA" is now available! Reservations will start on Wednesday, August 30th.

LaPeonier Global Aug 30, 2023

The summer heat is gradually easing, and the season has finally arrived where you can feel the signs of autumn in the wind.

The Obon Festival has ended in Japan, but the Chuyuan Festival (July 15th in the lunar calendar) is coming in China. Just like Obon in Japan, this period is also an important time in China to welcome the spirits of the deceased, hold memorial services, and pray for their peace.

This is a long-awaited new doll for this important day that connects "past and future" and "life and death"!


Bright red eyes and a bright red dress...a slightly dark atmosphere and a grinning expression. The mole around her mouth makes her unique and mysterious.

An uneasy atmosphere is slowly starting to set in the once peaceful and bustling city of Daduhui, but what kind of incident will happen between Yunnu and her friend LEE? ! I'm looking forward to the development!

The hoodie has a red hat and a Hannya mask is drawn on its back. This pattern seems to be a robe to ward off evil! Batsu (Hiderigami) is a god who causes drought in Chinese mythology. She is known as the strongest warrior in Daduhui. What kind of story does she have? Let's take a look together!


Story of BA

A dark girl who often moves around with zombies, known as "Drought Demon," acts strangely and unpredictably, enjoying all kinds of antics. She spends her days idling around the city, running a one-stop shop that gathers all sorts of information observed and collected from chatting with people in every nook and cranny of the streets. Taking on any task that comes her way, she makes sure to charge for everything, justifying it all as "making ends meet."


Reservations for BA will start from August 30th (Wednesday) at LaPeonier Store!

Product Name: TinyFox BA full set 1/4 MJD Doll Fullset

Product Details:

Dimensions:Full body 41.5 centimeters, body 37 centimeters (excluding head)

Body material: TPU & ABS

Body color: White Chocolate

Main Body:

M-06 Head (with makeup) x 1

MACOCO Body (slim hands + slim legs) x 1

“Inferno” 15mm eyes x 1 pair

 One side bun ponytail wig (black) x 1


Corset x 1

Crimson dress x 1

Sinister robe x 1

Bondage belt x 1

Lucky Bell decorative ribbon x 1 set

Red thread hair ornament x 1

Tight-fitting Ankle Socks (Black) x1

Leg-Binding Sword Belt x 1

Soft Tulle Skirt Support (Black) x 1


Sword set (unpainted) x 1 (*shown painted in the picture)


Set 1:Drought Demon's Broken Blade x 1

Drought Demon's Talisman Sticker x 1

Character card (random from MACOCO series) x 1

Set 2:Comic hands + comic legs x 1 set

Over-the-Knee Socks (Black)(for comic legs) x 1 pair

Makeup Designer: @爱摸鱼の木木三


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