TinyFox Sealed Grimoire "JOSHUA" 1/4 Scale BJD Doll Information Release

LaPeonier Global Oct 24, 2023

Autumn is deep and it's getting chilly. It's the season when you want to stay in a warm place and read a book.

At the library in Daduhui, there are people who rush and throw themselves into piles of books.

She has distinctive red eyes. Every accessory she wears looks like something straight out of a magical classic book. Her golden coat wraps around her body gracefully, as if the spirit of time is protecting her.

Let's take a look together to see what kind of story she has!


Joshua's story

My name is Joshua.

A magic book that records the memories and legends of the world.

A ray of light shines through the window of the jet-black room, sending golden dust flying in the air.

“That person” whose brush strokes are as beautiful as angel wings.

It's a blank page waiting to be inked with his story.

What words will you write to me today?

Then I ask with high expectations, ``that person'' responds.

Please record my cries of pain and my worthless soul.

The words of ``that person'' begin to overflow.

He writes, like an angel.

Write the legend of the past in the golden dust.

Blank pages waiting for ink to stain,

It asked hopefully, 'How would you shape me'

Record my painful screams, Record my useless soul.


Reservations for Joshua will start from October 24th (Tuesday) at LaPeonier Global Store !


Product Details:

Dimensions: Full body 41.5 centimeters,  body 37 centimeters (excluding head)

Body material: TPU & ABS

Body color: White Chocolate (Hakutaku)


Main Body:

M-06 Head (with makeup) x 1

MACOCO Body (slim hands + slim legs) x 1 set

"Crimson" 15mm eyes x 1 pair

 "Lewis" Gold Wig (Size L) x 1



Grimoire Mantle "Weathered with Time" x 1

Grimoire Jacket "Inscriptions in the Dark" x 1

Grimoire Skirt "Whispers of the Beginning" x 1

Grimoire Coat "Dusty Gilded Book Cover" x 1

Grimoire Tie "Old Friend of Solitude" x 1

Grimoire Socks "Footsteps of Former Nobility" x 1

Grimoire Lapel Pin "Chains of Divine Seal" x 1

Grimoire Brooch "Ancient Honor Medal" x 1

Grimoire Pleated Panier x 1


Set 1: Magic Guide Magic Bottle (random) x 2

 Character Card (random from MACOCO series) x 1

Set 2: Comic Hands + Comic Legs x 1 set

Magic Book Over-the-Knee Socks (black) (for comic legs) x 1


Makeup Designer: @阿三懒


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