TinyFox's latest animal body doll TinyHux is available! Pre-order start today!

LaPeonier Global Dec 12, 2023

It's already winter, the cold wind is blowing and the trees in the city are changing colors. This season, we introduce some hot news that will warm the hearts of doll fans! "TinyHux", the latest BJD series from TinyFox that attracted much attention during pre-orders, has finally been officially released! Now, let's introduce the first product of the popular TinyHux series~


TinyFox Tinyhux LITTLE FOX full set 1/6 MJD Doll

TinyHux is a small BJD doll that is only 24cm tall, but her head is large and her body is almost two-headed. There are two types of faces: beast head and human head. You can enjoy two different styles.


The ears are sculpted with original fox fox ears, fluffy and adorable limbs that look like marshmallows, and adorable paw pads on the soles of the feet, which further enhances its cuteness.

By the way, I was curious about the origin of "TinyHux", and when I checked officially, they said, "The fox god bit TinyFox while trying to read it." . . Too cute! ?

Click here for the video of Tinyhux


Furthermore, the "Journey to Atami'' costume brings to mind the refreshing atmosphere of the summer seaside. The swimsuit with a sailor-style collar gives off a fun summer feel, and the small ruffled skirt adds a light and cute accent. And the straw hat decorated with a large bow brings back memories of summer sunshine and sandy beaches!

Reservations for the TinyHux series will start from December 12th (Tuesday) at LaPeonier Global Store! It's fluffy and cute and will warm your heart, making you forget the cold of winter.


beast head&human head
Product Name:TinyFox Tinyhux LITTLE FOX full set 1/6 MJD Doll

Product Details

Dimensions: Full body 24 centimeters,  body 16 centimeters (excluding head)
Head 26 centimeters

Body Material: Resin

Body Color: White, Pink


Main Body:

Hux01 (beast head) (no makeup) x 1
Hux02 (human head) (no makeup) x 1
Body x 1
Eye x 1
Wig x 1



"Journey to Atami''Swimsuit x1
"Journey to Atami'' Pants x1
"Journey to Atami'' Hat x1


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