TinyFox's new 1/6 scale doll ♥ "Little Devil Cherrie" Reservations will start from May 6th

LaPeonier Global May 06, 2023

Another long holiday since the New Year holidays, Golden Week, has finally arrived! The cold weather has passed, and I'm sure you all enjoyed your vacation to the fullest and had some wonderful encounters. But is it still not enough? Want to play more? Everyday life must be full of surprises! I completely understand how you feel. In May, after Golden Week, you won't just feel sluggish after playing with all your might. For example, the season for those red, juicy fruits that capture people's hearts has arrived.

Yes, cherry season has begun. A delicate appearance like a bell, a little mystery brought about by the mesmerizing red color...TinyFox brings this feeling to the new doll! !

TinyFox CHERRIE full set 1/6 MJD Doll

Introducing "Cherrie", a little devil x dessert chef x maid, with all the Moe elements! Furthermore, it seems that he has a strong connection with the noble vampire lady Reiya who works at that cake shop... Please look forward to the future developments!


With my little devilish girlfriend, I can only imagine that my life will be full of surprises (and fear?) from now on...maybe this will cure my May disease? !

Cherry will be available for pre-order from May 6th at ! LaPeonier Store

Now, let's take a look at Cherry's story together! 


Her story

"Whip up delicate, airy meringue, let the rising temperature melt the gelatin, spread an even layer of raspberry jam on the freshly baked cake base, savor the shattered sweetness of maple sugar between the lips, under the golden crispy crust lies a bite of creamy cherry compote, with a dash of the perfect ganache—sugar, cream, and chocolate. But wait, remember, Cherrie is a cunning devil! Even juggling multiple roles as an imp, pastry chef, waitress, and maid, luring you is easier than cutting through butter with a hot knife. Disliking humans most but delighting in teasing them equally. Oh well, rest assured, the cherry devil won't let the mischief go too far. After all, this is where Miss Leaia lives and works."


That? If you're looking like you're about to fall in love with me, please wait a moment.

Have you forgotten that cherrie is a cunning little devil?

What the little devil hates most is humans. And of course, the people who want to play pranks the most are humans.

She plays an active role at the cake shop as a familiar, dessert chef, waiter, and maid, but kidnapping your pure heart is as easy as cutting butter in half with a butter knife. Is that so?


*Two types of eyes, “Crimson Little Devil (purple, left)” and “Bloody Sweetheart (crimson, right)” are included in the set ♥

Well...but don't worry too much. Cherry's evilness is only a prank.

As the cherry devil, she has the right amount of control and balance.

Because...yes, Lady Reiya, the daughter of a noble vampire family, lives here.   


Product Name: TinyFox CHERRIE full set 1/6 MJD Doll

Product Details:

Dimensions: Full body 27.5 centimeters,  body 22.5 centimeters (excluding head)

Body Material: PVC & ABS

Body Color: White Chocolate


Main Body:

06S Head with makeup x 1

1/6 Scale Angel Body (White Chocolate) x 1

 "True Crimson Devil" 15mm Eyes in Purple x 1 pair

"Bloody Sweetheart" 15mm Eyes in Red x 1 pair

 Red Bun Wig in Dark Red x 1



"Maid's Mission" Apron x 1

"Temptation of the Devil" Dress x 1

"Maid's Dignity" Innerwear x 1

 "Devil's Lie" Necktie x 1

 "Corruption" Garters x 1 pair

 "Virtue" Cufflinks x 1

"Cherry Cookie" Headdress x 1



"Peach Heart Trail" Little Devil Wings x 1 pair

"Peach Heart Trap" Tail x 1


Demon Cherrie Postcard x 1

Demon Cherrie Comic Strip x 1

 *Please note that the shoes in the product images are props and are not included in the full set.


Makeup Name: Prankster

Makeup Designer: @爱摸鱼的木木三


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