TinyFox‘s new 1/6 scale MJD doll “Dreaming Penguin Debby” is now available

LaPeonier Global Aug 24, 2023

A new 1/6 scale MJD doll “Dreaming Penguin Debby” is now available from the popular doll maker TinyFox! Reservations have started at the lapeonier store.


Debby the penguin was created by Foxking, the creator of TinyFox town, as a member of the town's aquarium. Debby enjoys eating as much delicious fresh fish as she can while relaxing every day, but once the audience is gone, she secretly packs the fish into her big suitcase. ...She seems to be thinking of some surprising big plan.


TinyFox DEBBY full set 1/6 MJD Doll

Her story

“My name is Debbie, and I have a bright dream! Someday, someday, definitely! I will escape from this tiny pond full of fish! And I will overcome the storm and cross the sea, I'm going back to my dream home, the North Pole!"



Product Name:TinyFox DEBBY full set 1/6 MJD Doll

Product Details:

Dimensions: Full body 27.5 centimeters,  body 22.5 centimeters (excluding head)

Body Material: PVC & ABS

Body Color: White Chocolate


Main Body:

 X-02 Head with Makeup x 1

1/6 Scale Angel Body (White Chocolate) x 1

16mm Blue-Grey Eyes x 1

Wig with Black Hair and White Highlights(S size)x 1



Emperor Penguin Sailor Vest x 1 

Emperor Penguin Gold Bow Tie x 1

Emperor Penguin Shorts x 1

Emperor Penguin Grey Stockings x 1 Set

Emperor Penguin Black Tube Socks x 1 Set

Emperor Penguin Jacket x 1


Makeup Name: Emperor Penguin

Makeup Designer: @Loyura_渺


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