TinyFox's new product the 1/6 scale MJD doll "Foxking"—— Reservations start!

LaPeonier Global Oct 08, 2023

In October, the temperature gradually calms down, and at the same time we are relieved of the summer heat, the season has arrived where we can feel the depth of autumn. The scent of osmanthus spreads throughout the town, and it will soothe your soul! The leaves on the trees in the city are starting to change color little by little, and have you scheduled a trip to see the autumn leaves in the parks or mountains?


In this beautiful season, TinyFox's new doll "Foxking's Coronation Ceremony ver." will be released.

The soft and fluffy blonde hair attracts the eye, and the mysterious winged ears catch the eye. The red and white dress is embroidered with a golden lily pattern, giving the cute foxking the regal beauty of a king.
The Foxking is showing me a sweet smile, but did something good happen?
This story is about September 7th, the birthday of the Foxking. Let's take a look together~

Her story:

I'll gift you a little crown.

The bunny dyed a crimson cape with berries, the mermaid wove lilies with threads of the sea, The white-horned sheep swallowed the shimmering white pool lights whole, and under my guidance, it was cut and sewn into a soft, flowing robe.

The splendid dreams painted the most vibrant hues, blessing the dreamer cat and devouring nightmares marten dyed your dress with their essence.

The cobbler's hammer tinkling and clinking, its light rhythm a merry song, together they chant praises, for this day marks your arrival.

This splendid attire, enclosed in a box adorned with twenty-seven stars, crescents, and a full moon, is gently placed in the courtyard of your temporary abode in the town. They mockingly voted and elected you the most beloved little fox in this small city.

Grateful for weaving long dreams, painting the sky, bringing life, and once again, bringing miracles to this desolate island.

Inexperienced souls forget the most crucial parts, yet I happen to possess this crown, an antique that time has not dulled even after a hundred years.

Let it celebrate your birth alongside the lives it shelters. Happy birthday, little Fox King.

"Fox God King's Coronation Ceremony ver." will be available for reservation from October 8th (Sunday) at LaPeonier Online Shop It's starting~


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