New members of the MACOCO series! TinyFox 1/4 scale doll "FLUFFY“——the Tailor's Moth released!

LaPeonier Global Dec 01, 2023

As winter approaches, the air becomes even colder, and the streets begin to take on a winter-specific tranquility. When the cold deepens this season, we often seek warmth in our minds and bodies, and spend time relaxing.At this time of year, when the city lights shine even brighter and warm light leaks from the windows of the houses, TinyFox introduces a new doll " FLUFFY” Fluffy is both warm enough to make you forget the winter cold and magically cute, and will surely brighten up your winter days.


A fluffy beret with adorable little antennae, a fluffy cut-and-sew collar, and a cute bubble-sleeve blouse...all add a unique charm to her style. The pompom accents the skirt, and the scalloped design is unique and cute!



Fluffy's handmade cloak has wire embedded in it, so you can freely shape it! It's sure to come in handy when taking pictures! With her cotton wand, she may bring magical stories into your home.


Now, let's take a look at Fluffy's story~     


Fluffy's story

The sunshine made today feel all cozy and warm. "It's a great day for the tailor shop to open," thought Stitch, as she pushed the door of the tiny corner tailor's shop wide open.



picture? that's all? Are you curious about what will happen next?Fluffy-chan also has a relationship with manga artist Eruko Butabako (@tansaiboooo) It might appear in the collaborative manga "Let's go to Daduhui! ~The Shadow Disappeared in the Nightless City" which depicts the world of MACOCO...? Tailor's Moth Fluffy will be available for pre-order from December 4th (Monday) at LaPeonier Global Store!


Product Name: TinyFox FLUFFY full set 1/4 MJD Doll

Product Details:

Dimensions: Full body 41.5 centimeters,  body 37 centimeters (excluding head)

Body material: TPU & ABS

Body color: White Chocolate


Main Body:

M-07 Head (with makeup) x 1

MACOCO Body (Comic hands + Comic legs) x 1 set

"Fluffy" 18mm Eyes x 1 pair

Two-Tone Bun Short Wig (Size L) x 1



Fluffy's Antler Beret x 1

Fluffy's Furry Warm Knitted Collar x 1

Fluffy's Doll Collar Shirt x 1

Fluffy's Pompon Petal Skirt x 1

Fluffy's Puffy Pumpkin Pants x 1

Furry Handmade Cape x 1

Bow Knee-High Socks x 1 pair

Furry Leg Warmers x 1 pair

Grey Knitted Arm Warmers x 1 pair

Furry Sleeve Covers x 1 pair



Set 1: Cotton Candy Cane x 1

Character Card (Random MACOCO Series) x 1

Set 2: Slim hands + Slim legs x 1 set

Furry Over-the-Knee Socks (Suitable for slim legs) x 1 pair


Makeup Name: Tailor Fluffy

Makeup Designer: @白兔绵绵糖



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