TinyFox's April highlight! 1/6 scale doll "seal Nomi"

LaPeonier Global Apr 10, 2023

How are you all spending your time these days, when we feel the arrival of spring? Introducing the long-awaited new doll from TinyFox, perfect for the new season!!

Lapeonia's official 4-panel comic is a hot topic! The white seal, who has been attracting a lot of attention since his appearance in < Penguin Debby >, is finally here! Its name is "Attendant Seal Nomi". As the name suggests, she is always with Debby as her caretaker! Reservations for Nomi, who is overflowing with cuteness and cheerfully accompanies Debbie while being tossed around by Debbie, will start from April 10th at LaPeonier Store!

TinyFox NOMI full set 1/6 MJD Doll

Now, let's take a look at Nomi's story together!


His story

"Being an underling means following the big boss's crazy requests, no matter how wild they get. Handing over my stash as if it's no big deal? That's just plain treachery. Finish my own homework first, then painstakingly copy it out in a fancy font for the boss? Piece of cake. Whether it's running errands or giving back rubs, pouring tea or doing the Polar Bear Plunge, this little guy Noemi is a jack of all trades. He sticks to his guns, ready to tackle the boss's whims and even pack his bags for the North Pole if needed!


'Wait, you're here at the crack of dawn trying to catch your coworkers?' Quick-fingered chatroom diva Polar Bear nudged, 'You better haul it, the keeper's on her way!'"

*The large salted fish and seal are photo props.

Product Name: TinyFox NOMI full set 1/6 MJD Doll

Product Details:

Dimensions: Full body 27.5 centimeters,  body 22.5 centimeters (excluding head)

Body material: PVC & ABS

Body color: White Chocolate color


Main body:

X-01S Headpiece x 1 

1/6 Scale Angel Body (White TakuHai color) x 1

 "Hyoga" 16mm Eyes Ice Blue x 1

Chuunibyou Seal Wig Silver Gray x 1



Depressed Seal Cotton Cap x 1

Minion Certificate/Yellow Scarf x 1

Seal Graffiti Windproof Jacket x 1

Seal Round Neck Sweater x 1

Seal Shorts x 1

Seal Long Socks x 1

Seal Socks x 1



Little Salted Fish (Prop) x 1

Small Bucket x 1



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