TinyFox's Mysterious and Elegant Little Girl!! 1/6 MJD "Little Ashley" is now available!

LaPeonier Global Jan 05, 2024

The year-end is approaching again. LAPEONIER sincerely thanks you for accompanying us through 2023 and wishes the new year to be filled with warm memories and hope for the future.

In response to these future aspirations, the popular doll maker TinyFox has prepared a "little surprise". The 1/4 scale adult "Ashley" has been downsized to a 1/6 scale childhood version, "Little Ashley", which is now available!!               


Ashley embodies a sacred image of a faithful follower of the gods and a mysterious gothic style, captivating with her golden eyes.

In this choir-themed special, the predominantly black dress accented with white creates a balanced atmosphere, evoking a delicate, elegant, and enigmatic aura around Ashley.


Apart from the golden rose-patterned hat and collar decorations, the rose-patterned embroidery at the hem of the dress recalls the style of the previously released adult version of "Ashley".

Let's see what story TinyFox will unveil this time~


Little Ashley's Story

Snowflakes quietly fall, and the echoes of Christmas bells resonate in the church filled with the fragrance of roses. Ashley gently opens her lips; her singing voice is like a small surprise hidden in a gift box, stirring the emotions of the listeners. Choir members gather together, resembling graceful dancers in a snow globe, conveying prayers and blessings in the light melody. As the song fades and the audience departs, with the night snow adorned with starlight, candles flickering in the girls' candlesticks—this is the time to untie the golden ribbon, peer into the inside of the gift box, and see how many beautiful wishes have been fulfilled this year.


Little Ashley will be available for pre-order on January 5th (Friday) at Lapeonier Global store.


Product name: TinyFox ASHLEY full set 1/6 MJD Doll

Product Details:

Dimensions: Full body 27.5 centimeters,  body 22.5 centimeters (excluding head)

Body Material: PVC & ABS

Body Color: White Chocolate


Main Body:

04S Head with makeup x 1 

1/6 Scale Angel Body (White Chocolate) x 1

 "Girl Cross" 14mm Eyes in Gold x 1 pair

Shawl Braided Wig in Platinum Blonde x 1



Morning Dew Rose Hat x 1

Choir Conductor Cape x 1

Choir Uniform Skirt x 1

Choir Tights x 1

White Gauze Underskirt x 1



1/6 Scale Doll Shoes (random specifications) x 1 pair 

Little Ashley's Character Card X 1


Makeup Name: Choir Cantor

Makeup Designer: @许愿池投币王八


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