[Preorder] TinyFox JOSHUA full set 1/4 MJD Doll

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Dimensions: Full body 41.5 centimeters,  body 37 centimeters (excluding head)

Body material: TPU & ABS

Body color: White Chocolate (Hakutaku)

Main Body:

M-06 Head (with makeup) x 1

MACOCO Body (slim hands + slim legs) x 1 set

"Crimson" 15mm eyes x 1 pair

 "Lewis" Gold Wig (Size L) x 1


Grimoire Mantle "Weathered with Time" x 1

Grimoire Jacket "Inscriptions in the Dark" x 1

Grimoire Skirt "Whispers of the Beginning" x 1

Grimoire Coat "Dusty Gilded Book Cover" x 1

Grimoire Tie "Old Friend of Solitude" x 1

Grimoire Socks "Footsteps of Former Nobility" x 1

Grimoire Lapel Pin "Chains of Divine Seal" x 1

Grimoire Brooch "Ancient Honor Medal" x 1

Grimoire Pleated Panier x 1


Set 1: Magic Guide Magic Bottle (random) x 2

 Character Card (random from MACOCO series) x 1

Set 2: Comic Hands + Comic Legs x 1 set

Magic Book Over-the-Knee Socks (black) (for comic legs) x 1

Makeup Designer: @阿三懒


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